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There is a subtle yet powerful social hypnosis that has us believing we must struggle to succeed and even wear it as a badge of honor. Actually, there are sound reasons for why this came about. The good news is that we’ve evolved and no longer need to suffer to accomplish our aims.  You can enjoy your life now while making significant and rewarding changes.


Don’t get me wrong, we will all inevitably face challenges.  With the right perspective and attitude we come to know that they are a rich and valued part of our great adventure.


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How to Exchange Stress, Strain & Struggle for a Fun, Uplifting & Productive Approach to Create What you Want Now and Going Forward

30 Jan. 2018
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John Felitto is the founder of Felitto Coaching & Consulting Associates and the author of The 90-Day Game:  Your Pathway to Creating What you Truly Want While Enjoying the Process. 


For over three decades, John's practical principles, concepts and strategies have been evoking greatness and enhancing the quality of lives internationally.



John Felitto

Author of The 90-Day Game

How to Use "Negative" Emotions, Thoughts & Events to your Advantage

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