Be One of Our Eight Players
Who Come Together to
Create What They Truly Want

Say Goodbye to Struggle & Hello to Grace & Ease

Tuesday, May15th
2:00 PM EST 

A PROVEN PROCESS to gain the clarity and confidence you need to create what you truly

want in 90-Days or less.


Our players use technologies to complement human interaction - not replace it!  The power
lies within our players, coming together,
supporting each other to create meaningful intentions filled with passion, purpose,
love and benefits for all!  Awaken from the stress, strain and struggle trance and begin enjoying!

The second advantage
Second thing the reader is going to learn in your awesome webinar.

13 Weekly Calls Keep You on Track

We respect your privacy and will not share your information

Professional One to One Coaching Tailored to Your Needs

Certified Faciliplayers Guide You Every Step of the Way

6 Players' Clinics Deepen Understanding of All Strategies

Dynamic Mental Exercises that Calm
Your Nerves & Focus Your Attention

Free Membership in Our Players' Club Community Keeps You Connected with Like-Minded Love-Minded Players Beyond the 90-Days


• Enjoy a Fun, Uplifting & Productive Approach

• A Step-by-Step Structured, Yet Flexible Method

• Create What You Truly Want While Enjoying the Process!

Tuesday, May15th | 2:00 PM EST 

TOTAL VALUE = $1,369 

$637 OR $217/MO FOR 3 MONTHS

We Unconditionally Guarantee You’ll Be Fully Satisfied Or Get 100% Of Your Money Back.

"The Game Lasts Only 90 Days, but the Benefits Last a Lifetime!" -  Dr. Sushi Bhatia